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So far, Goose Rocks Beach doesn't feel too different.

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Some of you know that while I'm a partner in KPort Concierge, I actually live in Cambridge, MA. I have a home at Goose Rocks, and that was how this business started. As a non-Mainer, like many of you, I had some reservations about heading north this summer. A lot of people I know came up before me, and said things are pretty much as normal. Few, if any, followed the protocols established by the state.

Given my role as an owner of this property management business, I felt that it was my duty to follow the protocols, and lead by example. On Wednesday, my wife and I got COVID-19 tests in Cambridge. On Thursday we drove up to Maine, received our negative test results, and completed the Maine COVID-19 Certification form. I'm going to acknowledge that we had the advantage of Cambridge providing free tests, no questions asked, and most communities don't have that option. But, since I had access, I chose to use that access.

By the way, KPort Concierge has setup the Certification form through DocuSign, so you don't have to print it out, sign and scan it. This provides the completed form to us (or your property manager or landlord). We are the people who need this form on file from you to be in compliance. For you, you'll have it with you, as you'll receive your signed form via email. Anyone can use this tool. You don't have to be our client or guest.

Anyway, we're up here now, doing what we normally do: walking the dog on Goose Rocks Beach in the early AM, and returning by bike later to sit in the sun, watching our daughter boogie board and play in the sand. In short, it's not any different than last year, except that when you enter the beach, you wait and give space to those coming in while you're going out; that's not really different either though is it? This is most politely and properly done with a mask on, but not wearing one while sitting on the beach with your family, social distanced from others, is fine. Sidebar, I recommend to the GRBA that they consider alternating entrance / exit paths so that this path interfacing doesn't have to happen.

We also visited the General Store as we normally do, but this time we called, 207-967-0028, our lunch order in ahead of time and they brought it out to us. I recommend doing that, to help their business and keep us and them safe. They are wearing face shields and are acting responsibly.

This summer, I don't expect I'll visit some of my favorite restaurants. And, while my daughter will beg to go into port to go look in her favorite shops, I don't expect we will. But, we may treat her to something she can order on the phone and go pick it up. We need to support the business owners this year, so they are here for us next year.

I also went to Hannaford's for some staples and everyone was wearing masks. I'd say spacing was so so...

While you read this from your urban or suburban environment, looking forward to your visit with cautious optimism, know that it feels almost normal here, because really we come here to enjoy the outdoors, and that is still happening as we all hoped it would.

Enjoy your visit,

Pete Robinson

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