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Maine COVID-19 Visitor Certification Form:


All guests who wish to stay in any Maine commercial lodging establishment, seasonal rental, or short-term rental are asked to do their part to support Maine’s “Keep Maine Healthy” plan. This initiative aims to promote the safety of the people of Maine, including both year-round and seasonal residents, as well as those who visit to enjoy all that Maine has to offer. 


We are offering a free service to anyone entering the state of Maine, to complete the Visitor Certification Form on their arrival date electronically. We will send you a DocuSign to execute the Certification, which is your attestation of either having already quarantined in Maine for 14 days, commitment to quarantine when you are arrive in Maine for 14 days (or the duration of your stay, if shorter), or that you have a negative COVID-19 test result, where the sample was taken within 3 days of your arrival to Maine. The Certification should be completed on your arrival date. The Certification covers your entire family. If you indicate that you have a negative COVID-19 test, that result should be available upon request. The COVID-19 negative test is applicable only to adults. 

Residents of VT and NH are exempt, do not need to quarantine, and do not need to complete this form. 

Receive the form via DocuSign

We will send you an email when you need to complete the form. Thank you.

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