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Southern Maine is #1 on AirBnB

According to an article on, southern Maine is where it is at. That certainly reflects our experience here at KPort Concierge. When I started renting my place out back in '15, I was happy if the summer calendar was full by early April. For this coming season KPort had filled 90% of its summer slots by the end of December. If there is any question about vacation towns making a comeback this year, rest assured, the pent up demand is very real. In fact, this might be the busiest summer New England has seen and will see in the near future, as people are still challenged to travel internationally. So, we look forward to seeing robust business for all the shops, restaurants and service providers who rely on that three month window. We're also bracing for a crowded Kennebunkport and other popular locations. Fortunately, for KPort renters, the homes they rent will give them the peaceful getaway they come to Maine to enjoy.


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