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The Best Strawberry-Picking On Your Way North To Maine

Apple Crest Farm Strawberries

Applecrest Farm is your true berry-picking destination this summer! Located in Hampton, New Hampshire, it is the perfect halfway stop, up from the Boston area. Strawberry picking will start mid-June and it will end mid-July, so don’t wait until they’re all picked!

Applecrest Farm Orchards

Here is the only way to experience Applecrest-

  1. Arrive around 11 am, and head on over to the Applecrest Farm Bistro where you can sit outside on the terrace and partake in one of the best lunches you will ever eat, while overlooking the farmland.

  2. Walk into the Farm Market and prepay for your empty containers that you plan to fill up with juicy, red, ripe strawberries.

  3. Drive 2 minutes down the road to the picking area and pick as many as your heart desires.

  4. Head back to the farm, and indulge in a farm-made ice cream at The Creamery.

  5. Head back to your beautiful beach house and enjoy summer with a full belly!

Be sure to check out the Strawberry festival coming up on Father’s Day, June 17th! They do festivals right!


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