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Meet the Team

Joy Lang

Co-Founder, President

I fell in love with Kennebunkport during my teens, when I would come up from Massachusetts to visit my best friend at Goose Rocks Beach. After graduating from Skidmore College with a degree in theater, I worked in film and television in Los Angeles for 17 years. In 2015,  I decided to move my kids back to the East Coast to give them the magical experience of enjoying life in Maine year round. 


Living in a vacation town, I have observed my summer friends desperately trying to enjoy their precious beach time here, while being inundated with the endless responsibilities of owning a second home. I've witnessed their struggles of juggling their careers, families, and managing their incoming renters remotely. From this, I saw an opportunity to be helpful and a need for detailed luxury house management that was severely lacking in this community. 


As an actor, I am in the business of authentic clear communication and creative problem solving. As the granddaughter of a very successful Interior Designer on the North Shore of Chicago,  I have proudly inherited her attention to detail, innate sensibility, and high standards when it comes to things being "just so” in a fine home. I do believe that my blended skill set lends itself to a very satisfied home owner and vacationer. 


To the homeowner: 

My role is to truly honor the meaning of the word vacation.  After all, it is called a vacation house for a reason! I love to ease families’ worries, and watch them quickly turn into excitement as we work together to create a customized infrastructure that not only prepares their homes for the lucrative summer rental market here in Southern Maine, but simultaneously paves the way for the home owner to truly take a vacation in their own home when it works for them and their family or friends! 


To the guest:

From the moment you book your vacation with KPort Concierge, we are a live team of boots on the ground, ready to be helpful in planning your stay, and  ready to answer every and any questions about the property or the area. Our goal is for you to have a carefree experience in one of our luxury properties.The quality of your vacation is imperative to myself and my team. We truly care about your Maine stay, and after four successful years, I can confidently say that it shows.


We look forward to having you up at the beach and are dedicated to creating meaningful summer beach memories for you and your family!



Joy Lang
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