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For the Summer Home Owner

Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Opening the Home in Spring

You look forward to summer, but not getting the house ready. KPort Concierge attends to your home's needs, so you can simply arrive, relax and enjoy.

We arrange cleaning, replace HVAC filters, put back up window screens, turn on exterior water and irrigation, and return outdoor furniture to its proper place. 


Exterior and Landscape Management

Winter can take its toll on the exterior of the home and the landscaping. KPort Concierge inspects the conditions after the winter, sends you photos and recommendations on what care is needed. Then, with your approval, we schedule and oversee the work of contractors and landscapers.


Winter Care and Maintenance

At the end of the summer season, we meet with you to inspect the home and property, and create a task list for the off season. We arrange and oversee everything that needs to get done. We also conduct regular home visits in the winter to ensure everything is in good order, and arrange any services needed, whether regular maintenance or emergency.


Prepare for Guests

If you have guests arriving and want to make their stay special, we will stock the fridge, put out fresh flowers, arrange reservations, and deliver rental items, such as SUPs or kayaks as needed.

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